Cloud-Based Security
Understanding Cloud-Based Managed Security and its Importance for Organizations With so much sensitive data being stored in the cloud these days, the number one concern is security. While everyone is aware of how important it is, security vulnerabilities are not the easiest to solve and overcome. Companies may seek help from security solution providers who tend to deploy security analytics tools that collect, process, and analyze security breaches. But despite such investments, many organizations find
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DDoS Protection
What is DDoS and Why Does Your Cloud Security Software Need DDoS protection? As our lives have shifted to the Internet during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise. Specifically, ransom DDoS attacks. It was reported that ransom DDoS attacks increased 29% from 2020 to 2021. For example, in the case of a DDoS attack on food delivery service Lieferando (Germany), Not only were they only able to receive orders
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Web Application & API Protection
We can all agree that today’s modern and technologically advanced business setting is something every business needs to adapt to. In the last decade, and especially since the pandemic outbreak, everything has shifted to the digital world. Now, we spend more time online than ever before – doing shopping, learning, communicating, working, and finding entertainment. Therefore, web applications and APIs are a business foundation and one of their strongest tools. However, web applications and APIs
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Zero Trust Technology
Zero Trust Technology Is More Important Than Ever Nowadays, there are many companies that help different organizations improve their cybersecurity systems. For example, Cloudbric can provide you with high-performing web application protection. But while such services are definitely useful, you should realize that true change happens from within. This is exactly why the Zero Trust approach is so common in cybersecurity. It has numerous benefits and ensures that your organization’s network is as safe as
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Ransomware gangs
5 Most Active Ransomware Gangs in 2021 and Their Attack Patterns Ransomware has become the biggest cybersecurity threat to all kinds of organizations regardless of industry and size. Since 2019, ransomware gangs and operators have continuously refined their attack methods to gain greater leverage by avoiding detection and infecting highly critical servers. From an economic standpoint, as long as the price of the ransom is below the projected costs of operation disruption and data leak,
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AI-powered cyber threat
Top 5 AI-powered Cyber Threats & How to Prevent Them Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) were commonly shown in sci-fi movies rather than in our daily lives, but a lot has changed over the past decade as the pace of technological developments increased dramatically. Artificial intelligence is now used for countless devices that we come across every single day, from advancing camera quality, unlocking via face recognition to virtual assistants on our smartphones.
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COVID-19 and Its Effects on Cybersecurity 2020 was associated with many things, the global COVID-19 pandemic being one of them. The effects of this pandemic were felt around the world in basically every industry. As more and more industries and society as a general began to operate online, we saw a rise in traffic online and with the integration of different applications, we also saw an increase in the potential for threats and attacks. The
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Rising Cyberattacks on Healthcare
Rising Cyberattacks on Healthcare: Time to Start Preparing The global healthcare industry has been in crisis since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitals are overwhelmed with severely ill patients while facing the risk of potential cross-infection. Many had to increase turnover rates and build new disease control facilities. As if the situation isn’t bad enough, the healthcare industry is now facing another unprecedented threat: cyberattacks. Very few hospitals are fully prepared for a sophisticated
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How to Protect API vulnerabilities
What is an Application Programming Interface (API)? Most people are familiar with the term “user interface (UI)”, which describes all the visible functions and features shown on the frontend that shape a user’s interaction with a software application. But when it comes to “application programming interface (API)”, most find it difficult to depict a clear picture of what it does. This isn’t surprising because the end-user of the application only sees the UI and does not
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Web Firewall and Firewall
  Key Differences Between Web Firewall and Firewall In this modern era of sophisticated and advanced cyberattacks, it is crucial for organizations and businesses to understand and deploy the right protection solutions. Before companies deploy a type of firewall (whether application or network), it is important to acknowledge the different types of attacks they each protect. Firewalls are mainly installed to reduce damages in the event of threats or cyberattacks and these firewalls used in the network
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