A Guide on Preventing Sensitive Data Exposure
It is nearly impossible to live a life today without sharing personal data with outsiders. Just to get by with the basic duties and necessities, we need to share our personal information with our government, employer, doctor, and telecommunications and utility providers. Apart from these, we unconsciously provide personal information to countless businesses as we register for online accounts and memberships, sign up for newsletters, download apps, or even as we navigate on a company
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Some information security specialists confuse the concepts of WAF and NGFW. Moreover, even some representatives of companies manufacturing products positioned as NGFW commit this fault. “We have an NGFW, do we need a WAF?” or “Why do we need WAF?” are very common questions. This calls for figuring out the background of such confusion, agreeing once and for all on the terms and definitions, and determining the areas of application of each concept. Intro Let
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Many users hesitate to leverage VPN for their work because it may affect their connection speed. Are you in the same boat? It turns out that the likely slowdown is not the only caveat here. To weigh up the pros and cons of taking this route, every organization should view the implementation of ZTNA or Zero Trust Network Access-based remote access systems through the prism of the following objectives: Facilitating employees’ access to enterprise resources.
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  Cybercriminals, extortionists, and black hat hackers are finding easier and more lucrative ways to make money. They’ve taken the already powerful model of traditional Ransomware and developed a new strain of cyber-extortion. Now, these threat actors are armed with sophisticated extortion tactics, Ransomware-as-a-Service, and new affiliated business models.   They use these tactics to exert higher levels of pressure and increase the chances of a successful payment. They are now using three levels of
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Internet phishing scams often use fraudulent websites to impersonate legitimate and steal your personal information. But that is not all; a website might be legitimate, but have the wrong intentions. Sites like this typically offer freeware that ends up installing malware, crypto-mining, bloatware, or botnet software. Additionally, it might be that a website is legit and well-intentioned but it’s highly insecure. If it lacks the proper security protocols, such as HTTPS, hackers can easily launch
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SQL Injection
SQL injection attacks are one of the top threats to the security of websites and web applications. In fact, the SQL injection threat has been number one on OWASP’s Top 10 list since it was publicly disclosed more than 10 years ago.  SQL injection attacks have caused historic havoc. They have been used to breach the World Health Organization (WTO) database and steal data from internal staff, and also to attack U.S. government agencies, including
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Cloudbric cloud based waf NIPA
Cloudbric announced that its cloud-based WAF received a Certificate of Service Quality and Performance in the Cloud Computing SaaS category from the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) of Korea. NIPA, the public body responsible for the promotion of the IT industry in South Korea, and the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) of South Korea issue certifications of service quality to companies that provide high quality cloud-based services in South Korea. In issuing their
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The entire DDoS attack landscape is changing. Although originally intended to inflict damage by utilizing massive traffic, DDoS attacks have become more pervasive, persistent, obscure, and sophisticated. Additionally, the DDoS attack surfaces continue to grow, as IoTs develop and people become increasingly dependent on the internet. This larger “playground,” makes it more convenient and enticing for DDoS attackers to target anyone they choose, which results in a shift in their motives as well. 1.   The
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ddos attacks
DDoS attacks are evolving. Their level of sophistication and massive scale has become too complex to imagine. What started with a couple of hundred Mbps scaled to Gbps. Now, volumetric attacks are reaching a whole new level as DDoS attackers or DDoSers continue to flood networks and break services with Tbsp-size traffic. How are These Massive DDoS Attacks Possible?  Today there are larger botnets and easier accessibility to DDoS. The latter rise of DDoS attacks
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The Ministry of SMEs and Startups of the Republic of Korea has recognized Cloudbric as one of the promising startups in the post-COVID-19 world for its cloud web security solutions.  The booklet Grand Shift to Post COVID-19 World, published by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups of the Republic of Korea, features Cloudbric’s cloud web security solutions for protecting websites and servers against web threats. The booklet is distributed to governments of other countries, business
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