Cloudbric, a leading web security service provider, has announced a strategic partnership with Professtama Development Group, one of the largest security solutions providers in Indonesia. The objective of the partnership is to strengthen Professtama’s cybersecurity and create a synergy that can expand Cloudbric’s client base in Indonesia. Professtama, first established in 1986, provides various security solutions and services, such as video surveillance, access control, and smart building and cybersecurity, to local enterprises as well as
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A cloud-based WAF provider imparted its knowledge of AI in web security Cloudbric was invited to participate in the upcoming “ATISI Digital Forum: Cybersecurity and Data Protection in 2021 and Beyond” to share their technical expertise in web security. The ATISI Digital Forum, organized by the Association of Technology for Security Industry Indonesia on March 25, offered a chance for the cybersecurity community of Indonesia, and in a broader sense Southeast Asia to connect.  It
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Cloudbric WAF ranked in Japan
Cloudbric WAF (Web Application Firewall) has once again been acknowledged as the best WAF in Japan, according to the IT Trend Annual Ranking Award 2020. Cloudbric has held the top spot since 2019. IT Trend, an IT product and service review company for over 10 million enterprise clients in Japan, annually ranks IT products and services, including cybersecurity software, accounting systems, and among others.  Cloud-based WAF Technology Cloudbric was ranked No. 1 in the WAF
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Although the word “cloud” has been gaining popularity and trending in the IT community, the cloud industry has struggled for the last few months. This is because a fatal security flaw was discovered in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) of Cloudflare, an American security company founded in 2010.  The CDN is responsible for moving content to a temporary storage server and delivering it to users when requested. In other words, it mediates the information of
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The Most Common Misconceptions about Web Security by Small Businesses
Web security was a hot topic in the news over the last few years with hackers targeting big industries around the world. Examples of companies that have been hacked are American Target, Home Depot, Morgan Stanley, and Sony.  Unfortunately, one of the biggest misconceptions about web security is that small businesses and individuals believe hackers are only interested in attacking big and famous companies. That is simply not true.  Below we have prepared three major
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Multi-cloud for the Remote Environment
Nowadays, we are all getting used to the remote environment, where work, school, and shopping are mostly happening online. These changes were all made possible because remote working is supported by IT technology, among which the “cloud” plays a particularly key role. Currently, the need for cloud computing is growing around the world. In particular, various changes are taking place in each industry, such as easing regulations or revising guidelines. Efforts to use the private
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Depending on your business environment and purpose, you can build a more effective security system by using a web application firewall that is suitable for you. Today, we will look at the features and advantages, and disadvantages of hardware, software, and cloud-type web firewalls. Let’s take a look at how web application firewalls are hosted and where they are located within the network. As shown in the figure below, web application firewalls secure traffic between
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Cybersecurity is a field in high demand. With the modern shift to virtual systems and work processes, data security professionals have never been more needed. But these professionals are hard to find. An estimated 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions are expected to be on the market in 2021. Soon, we will see developments in cybersecurity that alter the prospects and roles of these open positions. Whether you are looking to enter the security field or
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Smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, and other various IoT devices available and used by people has led to a rapid increase in the amount of data generated by each individual. Consequently, the technology of data collection, analysis, and utilization has evolved leading to an ever-importance of user data.  Even with regulations with regards to personal data such as GDPR, companies are rolling out personalized services based on consumption patterns–in the field of finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and more.
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Did you know that more than half of the traffic on the Internet are bots? Bots can play a beneficial role but can also be used to execute deadly attacks. Bots, which can be utilized to play for both sides, need to be a concern for Internet users– who in turn need to understand what a bot is capable of doing and ways to block malicious bots. Typical examples of ‘good’ bots are sales chatbots
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